At East Coast Bays Vet Clinic we use a video otoscope to optimise treatment of chronic ear infections in pets. This allows us to deep clean a pets ear canals even beyond the ear drum with safety.

We can remove thick pus, hard wax plugs, hair accumulation and other foreign objects along with treating or taking biopsies of polyps and masses.

This technology has proven revolutionary in helping increase our success with chronic ear disease.

Ear disease

Ear infections are a common cause of distress in our pet dogs. Allergy is the trigger in many cases making for a frustrating and persistent problem for owners and dogs.

We are often presented with ears that have been infected for prolonged periods with narrowed painful ear canals. A proper evaluation and cleaning before attempting treatment is often not possible during a consultation. A dogs long ear canal is tricky to see down to the ear drum even when healthy. If medical treatments are not succeeding then a deep clean and assessment of the ear drum with video otoscopy can be very helpful in providing treatment, diagnostics and a prognosis for your pet.

Video Otoscopic procedure

A specially designed scope with camera and light source attached is used to view down the ear canal with the resulting image magnified on a large screen. A thin catheter is fed through the scope so saline under pressure can be used to open the ear canal and start the cleaning process. The catheter is guided to exactly the right spots for meticulously accurate cleaning under constant observation. 

We believe this is such a valuable therapy that we have invested in a Storz Vetpump so we can do this cleaning process to the highest standard. This device sends precise suction or flushing to the catheter via easy control buttons.

Often we will have to replace the catheter with a long instrument that can grasp and remove hair, wax or foreign material safely under direct visualisation. Biopsies can also be taken.

The middle ear beyond the ear drum can also be carefully flushed with this technique.