Helping puppies and owners to get off to the right start together

Puppy Preschool is a four week course run on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 8.30pm each week. These sessions are designed to be fun for you and your pup.

Why do puppies need to go to School?

Puppies have a sensitive period in their development between three to fourteen weeks of age in which experiences they have can affect their behaviours for the rest of their life.

Dogs that are isolated at this time are more likely to become hyperactive, aggressive, difficult to train, antisocial and fearful. To develop into normal friendly, confident adult dogs, puppies need to be regularly handled and need to socialise with other puppies. They need to be exposed to new and novel situations in a non threatening way. Puppies also need to learn what is normal sociable behaviour.

It is important to start them off on the right paw, as it is much easier to teach a puppy the right behaviours first than try to and correct a bad behaviour later.

Puppy Preschool offers a safe environment to socialise your puppy and start them off with their basic training. Puppies love coming to Puppy School!.

They will learn basic obedience commands such as "come","sit", "stay", "drop", and "heel". All training is reward based.

Puppy Preschool is specifically designed for puppies between six and fourteen weeks of age. All puppies must have had their first Vaccination before starting the course.

On completion of the course puppy graduates will receive a graduation certificate and photo plus some great deals on Hills puppy food..

Who runs the classes?

Classes are run by Kylie Buchler and Georgia Ovington both trained Veterinary Nurses. Please call Reception to find out when her next class begins. The value of the full course is $135. You are welcome to bring your children. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm for about an hour. In summer they may be held outdoors.

Learning to control a puppies behavior can be one of the most important aspects of enjoying bringing a young dog into our lives.

The Puppy School is not run with the outmoded concept of dominance and pack leader theory but with effective and gentle positive reward

One of the great advantages of your puppy coming to a puppy socialisation course at a Veterinary Clinic is that they will never fear the Vet again. In fact most dogs get excited to visit even when you are driving past!!


"Last four weeks, I booked Hunter into your Thursday evening puppy classes. I would like to thank Claire and Candice for doing a great job. The training was fun, informative, interactive and engaging. Once again brilliant work by your dedicated team."