Saving one lovable hound at a time


What are we doing?

Sadly many healthy young dogs end up poorly treated or abandoned and become a burden on society.

At East Coast Bays Veterinary Clinic we are working to provide a better welfare outcome for some of these lovely animals.

We are working with Hurrah, Dog Protection Society and the Silverdale Animal Shelter. We are providing completely free treatment including desexing and vaccination to ideal family friendly candidates. This will further help these organisations do the great work they do.  




What can you do?

We will post these lucky hounds on our facebook page with who to contact if they are still in need of a loving forever home. So if you would like a new companion who is always happy to see you, will lower your stress and improve your health keep an eye on this site or contact Hurrah and the Dog Protection Society directly.  



Check in to our gallery images to see the growing group of Homeless Hounds that have headed off to a new life with a loving family. Link