Our wonderful nursing staff are crucial to the high level of care we can provide for you and your pets. Being a busy Practice offering many services means our trained nurses have developed a wide range of valuable experience.

You may not be aware that the nursing health team take and process blood and urine samples, monitor patients during and after anaesthesia, scale and polish teeth, take radiographs, place catheters and monitor fluid pumps, sterilise equipment, prepare patients for surgery and much more, which also includes cleaning up vomit, diarrhoea and other less glamorous things!

You can make the most of our nurses collective experience with our discounted or free nurse clinic services. 

Nursing staff include Kirsten ( Clinic Manager ), Sophie ( Head Surgical Nurse ), Kylie, Mel, Georgia, Laura, Rhiannon, Tayla, Kathryn and Lauren

New Pet Discussion

If you are planning, or have just added a new puppy, kitten or rabbit to your life then why not take advantage of this complementary service. Book a time with a nurse to answer your questions and refresh on the latest in recommended care. Abi and Kylie are your go to nurses for this. Abi also helps run our puppy school and is an enthusiastic rabbit owner.

Not a client yet, don't worry, we will be more than happy to see you and there may be a chance to have a quick tour of our facility. 

Medical Procedures

Some medical procedures don't always require the input of a Veterinarian and can be done more affordably with a nurse. Examples include anal sac emptying, nail trimming, minor knot removal, subcutaneous fluid administration and taking blood pressure measurements. 

Medical Treatments

It is free for our Nurses to help you with the administration or application of medical treatments if you are struggling such as ear drops, pills, worming or flea treatments.

Our nurses will also remove sutures, staples and drains at no charge whether placed at our Clinic or elsewhere.

Medical Procedure Training

It is free for our Nurses to help you help your pet with demonstrations on recommended treatments that need to be continued at home.

Examples include administering insulin or other injections, administering subcutaneous fluids, syringe feeding, applying or administering topical and oral medications, safe pet handling procedures, tube feeding newborn puppies and kittens, managing oesophagostomy tube feeding, nail clipping and more

Weight Management

An excess of body condition beyond an ideal healthy weight is a common health concern whether in a Budgie, Dog, Cat or Rabbit. We love our pets and we often show this with the food we provide them. With so many highly palatable and nutrient rich treats and foods now available it is little surprise weight gain is so common.

Being beyond an ideal weight is when the ribs are not easily felt and a clear pinched in waist has been lost. These pets will have a shorter life, with more liklihood of illness and it also has a profound effect on those with arthritis, respiratory or cardiac problems. More benefit can often be seen with weight management than with medication in many cases.

It can be hard to lose weight in a healthy way and then keep it off as we know, so a solid plan is required.

Our nurses have had some amazing success stories in dogs and cats with the breakthrough diet from Hills called Metabolic diet. The program of support when feeding this nutrition is free and includes regular weigh ins, monitoring and general encouragement from the team. Contact Nurse Mel to book a consult.