We strive to provide a wide range of diagnostic capability to accurately diagnose problems quickly and affordably within our own Practice

Having the right tools to make diagnostic decisions accurately and promptly can make a significant difference to outcomes in many cases. Waiting until the afternoon for a blood test result or days for an ultrasound exam and delaying the treatment plan is no longer required in most cases now.

Blood Testing Laboratory

Our in house laboratory is the cornerstone of our diagnostic service. Being able to evaluate a blood sample from an unwell patient is essential. To be able to do this immediately whether it is in the evening, weekend, just prior to surgery or in an acutely sick patient is something we could not do without.

At East Coast Bays Veterinary Clinic we were one of the first Clinics to adopt an in house laboratory service. We have taken this a step further with a major upgrade to a full set of the latest technology from IDEXX Laboratories. IDEXX Vetlab In House Analysers (www.IDEXX.com). In fact we were the first Veterinary Clinic in New Zealand to be able to offer this quality of care to our clients.

With the Catalyst Dx and Procyte Dx providing the highest standard of equipment available we virtually have a reference laboratory in our clinic. We can also provide an extensive array of tests beyond the standard biochemistry and haematology including electrolyres, hormones and coagulation panels.

Real time healthcare

Your pets blood sample can literally be taken and analysed within minutes while you are still with us at the Clinic. The results are instantly added to your pets clinical record and sent online to cloud software where we can review them with you on an ipad or computer screen. The results can be emailed to you immediately for your records with important trend graphs of any previous tests and our comments.

No more anxious waiting for answers and delaying treatment while blood samples deteriorate in a courier van on there way to an outside laboratory with results arriving late in the day when it may be too late to start therapy.

Sedivue Urine Testing

Evaluating a pets urine is an important step in diagnosing an illness. It is an invaluable window into health that can reveal many clues for our Veterinary team..

We have taken our ability to quickly and accurately assess urine samples to a whole new level with the Sedivue Dx device. This high tech equipment uses artificial intelligence to learn from human pathologist assessed samples (currently at 174 million) for impressive accuracy.

It takes forty five high definition microscopic images for us to view and evaluates the urine for different types of crystals, bacteria and cells all in three minutes.


Blood Pressure

Monitoring of blood pressure is a relatively recent thing in companion animal medicine. It is valuable during surgery to ensure blood pressure doesn't drop too low and for measuring high blood pressure with age related illness as in people.

Hypertension is especially common in aging cats and can result in serious problems with the eyes, brain, kidney and heart if untreated. The risk of high blood pressure is very high if your cat has kidney or thyroid disease. These cats should have their blood pressure checked at least annually.

We have the latest Suntech Vet blood pressure instrument that allows us to obtain quick and accurate blood pressure readings in small pets like chihuahuas and cats to large dogs. Our two anaesthetic monitors also measure blood pressure. ( www.suntechmed.com )


Tonometry involves the measurement of the pressure within a pets eye. Elevated pressure indicates glaucoma which can rapidly progress to blindness. For this reason it is highly recommended for every vet to be able to reliably check the pressure  in an inflamed red eye. Unfortunately these instruments are costly so few practices have access to a tonometer.

This problem is particularly common in certain breeds of dog that have a genetic predisposition such as Cocker Spaniel, Huskie, Shitzhu, Boston Terrier, Fox Terrier, Shar Pei, Flat Coated Retriever, Samoyed, Poodle and Basset Hound.

Pets with confirmed glaucoma will need regular eye pressure monitoring to ensure medications are working adequately. Pets after cataract surgery also require follow up eye pressure checks.

East Coast Bays Vet has the latest technology instrument with the Tonovet Plus. This instrument is very gentle and accurate allowing rapid and easy eye pressure evaluation. It is specifically calibrated for accuracy in dogs, cats and rabbits.

Tonovet Plus

Coagulation Testing

If your pet is acutely bleeding externally or internally we often need to exclude the possibility of rat bait poisoning. Our IDEXX coag Dx analyser allows us to do this and start life saving treatment immediately. It is also important to check the bloods ability to clot before certain procedures such as ultrasound guided or laparoscopic organ biopsies and some abdominal surgeries.

Eye and Ear consultation scopes

Viewing inside your pets eyes and ears can be challenging. Traditional tools provide a small view and our patients don't stay still for long! We have the latest technology in all three consultation rooms to try and simplify this important diagnostic area. These Welch Allyn devices that you may have seen at your GP's office help by both focussing and magnifying the area of interest. (Macroscope for ears and Panopthalmoscope for eyes) Additionally we have a full set of Welch Allyn laryngoscopes and a special speculum for viewing in rabbit and guinea pig mouths.

Digital Microscopy

We routinely stain up samples from pets and examine them under the microscope. This can tell us such things as, is there yeast or bacteria growing in a dogs infected ear or does that lump contain mast cells and require larger surgical margins for example.

We use this instrument so much now we have invested in a very high quality microscope which even has a pad type computer screen attached. This allows us to photograph and document images as well as being able to show you what we are seeing. We can even instantly email an image of that pesky parasite we found to your mobile device!


We have several ECG machines that send data by blue tooth to a computer where an ECG trace can be viewed. Software can help us interpret a pets abnormal heart rhythm.

Digital Ear Scope

With our digital otoscope we can share what we are seeing down your pets ears with you in the consultation room so you can participate more in your pets health. You will be able to see what progress has been achieved with your treatment efforts. Images can be taken and stored for future comparison.

Digital Urine Specific Gravity

Being able to digitally measure the concentration of urine is common with humans and is now available for Veterinarians. It is a common and crucial test in veterinary medicine as it provides the first clue that the kidneys are failing and early measures need to be put in place to extend quality of life.

Typically in the past we have had to use human manual devices which are particularly inaccurate in cats. Thankfully that is no longer the case.