Along with our minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical services we also provide some other valuable surgical options for our clients pets.

TTA cruciate surgey

TTA cruciate surgery (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement)

Unfortunately modern pet dogs frequently rupture the cranial cruciate ligament inside their knees. This results in an unstable knee joint which leads to arthritic pain and inflammation.

Dogs walk on their tippy toes so their knee is on a slope  putting the cruciate ligament under constant stress unlike our nice flat knees. Combining this with an underlying degenerative condition in their cruciate ligament means it is a common disease that often goes on to affect both knee joints in susceptible dogs.

Most dogs will benefit from having the damaged knee stabilised. This can be achieved with an implant surgically placed across the joint to mimic the broken ligament. This is called an extracapsular repair. The implant is under constant stress like the original cruciate ligament and can fail.

Why TTA ?

In boisterous, medium to large dogs the extracapsular repair can break or stretch, producing less than ideal outcomes in some cases. For this reason procedures have been developed to neutralise the slope of the knee which effectively removes the need for the cruciate ligament.

The two techniques with the most time in use, the most studies, similar outcomes and used by specialist centres the world over are the TPLO and TTA procedures. Both procedures require bone cutting but the TTA technique only involves the front edge of the tibial bone to be cut. This means it is less invasive, with less risk of serious complications and is therefore a good choice for a general practice to perform. We are one of the few Veterinary Hospitals able to offer this service for dogs under our care. Our experience with the technique has been very favourable with a faster recovery to function with patients having less swelling and lameness post operatively than with the extracapsular technique. 

Vessel sealing

Force Triad with Ligasure vessel sealing technology

We are proud to be the first Veterinary facility in New Zealand to be able to offer this awesome surgical equipment to improve the care delivered to our patients.

This science fiction technology has provided one of the most revolutionary changes in the way surgery is performed in humans and is used at our local North Shore Hospital. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated substantial patient benefits.

Instead of tying off critical blood vessels with sutures or metal clips, a computerised energy system allows sealing of  blood vessels with special instruments. Remarkably, blood vessels as large as 7mm in diameter can be permanently "welded" closed. This allows substantial surgery to be performed with minimal blood loss, greater accuracy and speed for improved patient outcomes. Additionally, there is less pain and no foreign material left inside the patient.

Spleen removal                                                                                                      

Having to surgically remove the spleen is a common procedure in aging dogs and is often associated with internal bleeding with a compromised patient. The standard procedure can be lengthy due to numerous blood vessels that need to be carefully tied off with sutures. The "ligasure impact" can do this procedure in a fraction of the time along with greater safety. 

Ligasure Impact 

Invasive tumours                                                                                                  

 Difficult cancers such as sarcomas and mast cell tumours need aggressive surgery to provide the best opportunity for a cure. The "ligasure small jaw device" can greatly facilitate these procedures. Superb control of bleeding allows more accurate surgery to be performed. 

Ligasure Small Jaw 

Laparoscopic procedures                                                                                   

Numerous advanced laparoscopic procedures can be done more effectively with the ligasure 5mm and 10mm laparoscopic instruments. This is by far and away the safest way to provide secure vessel sealing in laparoscopic spey surgery.


Bone plating with locking plates

The application of surgical bone plates and screws to fractured bones is often the ideal choice for our pet friends in need. The critical stability of a strong steel plate spanning the fracture site enhances the chance of uncomplicated healing and often decreases patient pain more rapidly than some other options.

Only a handful of first opinion practices are able to provide this service. At East Coast Bays Vet Clinic we have been successfully offering this service for over twenty five years.

We have a wide range of plating system sizes so correct plate selection can be made for your pet without compromise. This includes 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm and 3.5mm orthopaedic systems. We also have an extensive range of plates and screws in stock within each size category so we can usually operate without delay when required.

Plating systems have evolved over time to generate better outcomes for patients. The latest advance in human and animal medicine being low contact locking plates and screws. We not only have the traditional compression plates but also a comprehensive range of the more advanced locking plates and screws available for challenging fractures in pets large and small.

All our equipment is sterilised to the highest standard in our Tuttnauer autoclave including our three surgical electric multifunction drills.