We can now do so much more for our cherished pets to cure or slow down diseases and ultimately enhance quality of life.

Preventative medicine is now the normal situation in human health with regular check ups and routine screening done for many diseases. For example cholesterol and glucose blood tests, blood pressure checks and tests for breast, bowel and prostate.

There is no doubt that this type of preventative health care should now be available for our pets

The Wellness Exam

This is the basis of preventative medicine in pets and should include at least an annual thorough physical examination. It may include an age appropriate blood test, a urine test and blood pressure check. Though we will seek any symptoms you may have noticed, pets often hide their illness until it is advanced so the physical examination can be the key to identifying issues early.

We examine the eyes: Cataracts, "Dry eye" and glaucoma must be identified early if medical therapies are to be useful.

We examine the mouth: Gum disease is a very common cause of poor health and pain with irreversible periodontal disease ocurring if left untreated. Oral tumors are often malignant and require early detection.

We examine the ear canals: Ear infections are common and often presented at a chronic stage when ear drums can be perforated and medical treatment more challenging.

We listen to the heart and lungs: Heart disease can be treated better than ever extending quality of life.

We examine the skin: Almost all the common serious skin tumors are cured with early surgery.

We palpate the abdomen: In most pets we can feel many of the organs.We often detect abnormalities that can allow prompt treatment.

We examine the joints: Arthritis is a common and painful condition that is often overlooked as normal aging. Many options are now available to manage this condition with dramatic improvements in wellbeing possible.

Health Screening Tests

Blood and urine tests can be an invaluable addition to an examination by exposing trends or concerns in health that would otherwise remain undetected. It is never wrong to take a blood test even if your pet appears normal. A blood result that is in the normal range but creeping higher over time may be very significant. A single test is a snapshot in time and doesn't reveal what is normal for that animal or trends in health. Multiple results can provide us with something more like a "movie" of your pets health.

Feel free to ask your vet for a blood test at your pets annual visit. It can often be done at the same time as your visit with only a short 10-20 minute wait for results!

Silver Whiskers Testing

Like ourselves as pets age the risk of disease increases. In pets over seven years of age a more intensive program of screening is ideal. Because we see great outcomes from being proactive we are firm believers in this idea. To encourage more pet owners to take up this opportunity regularly we have put together a great value package called "Silver Whiskers"

This is a popular option and includes a species specific comprehensive blood test, urine test, blood pressure, documented clinical examination and a report. To add further value there is also a free application of advocate flea and worm treatment.

For a Silver Whiskers work up we need you to book a time to leave your pet with us for the day and preferably with an empty stomach.

Nurse Clinics

Our team of fully trained nurses are a great resource for the practice and our clients.

They are available for many routine procedures such as anal sac emptying, nail clips, subcutaneous fluid administration, cartrophen injections and minor knot removal. This is at a reduced charge to a veterinary visit so if your pet is otherwise well please request a nurse consult when booking these procedures.

The Nurses are always available for free advice on weight control, nutrition, dental health, worming, flea treatment and general well being. Other free services include assistance giving medication, suture and drain removal and worming.