January 2019 News

January 2019 News

Emma moves to Australia

Our lovely Vet Dr Emma Guy who has been with us for nigh on ten years has recently departed. She's joining her husband this month in Newcastle, Australia who has had an exciting career opportunity. We will all miss her skills and warmth though she does promise to return at some point so watch this space.

Campbell joins fulltime

With Emma's departure experienced Vet Campbell who you know as our part time locum Vet is now welcomed as a full time member of our team.

Steve is no longer the lone male on the team! Campbell is looking forward to being available for more consistent care and service. He is also going to be learning our special laparoscopic spey procedure over the coming months. 

We welcome new Vet Abi

To improve our service and flexibility we now also welcome Dr Abi Swann as another full time Veterinarian. Abi has a long history with the Practice as she used to be one of our kennel staff cleaning the clinic at the end of each day when she was a teenager. She wonderfully followed this early dream and is now a fully qualified Veterinarian. We are delighted to complete the cycle and welcome her to the Clinic. With Abi's lovely personality, diligent gentle approach she will make a great addition to our team.

Peta off to Vegas

The Practice is sending Peta to the bright lights of Vegas in February to participate in the Western Veterinary Conference. This is one of the biggest and best Veterinary education opportunities in the world. There are so many streams of lectures every day the hardest part is selecting what to go to. It is actually inspiring to see so many motivated companion animal Veterinarians in the one location. Like Kirsten and Sophie last year she is bound to return to the Practice with some great ideas and knowledge to provide even better care for your pets.

Best Practice Accredited

We are now the first Practice on Aucklands North Shore to be Best Practice accredited by the New Zealand Veterinary Association. Some may be surprised that this is something that is optional and still uncommon in Auckland. The standards are comprehensive and regularly audited. The schemes voluntary nature is an indication of our efforts to provide the highest quality care. Covering diverse things from fire safety to the maintainance of anaesthetic equipment you can be sure your pet is in safe hands at East Coast Bays Vet Clinic.

Oxygen piping and generation

With four anaesthetic machines dotted around the Practice we decided it was time for a big upgrade. We have now completed a project to put hidden piping throughout the facility to both provide oxygen to our anesthetic workstations but also to actively extract waste anaesthetic gases that can be harmful to our staff. In addition to this we can now generate our own endless oxygen supply for anaesthesia and our critical care oxygen cage. Getting more like a human facility every year!

PennHip Xrays for dog hips

We are now certified to provide PennHip xrays. This is the only validated way to determine your dogs future risk for the very common condition called hip dysplasia. The unstable hips associated with this condition leads to painful arthritis. You can determine your young dogs future risk accurately from as young as sixteen weeks of age. This allows preventative measures to be considered. Feel free to discuss this option if your dog is under five and one of the at risk large to medium breeds.

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