COVID19 update March at level 4

COVID19 update March at level 4

Yes we will continue to be available to support your pets health as we are classified as an essential business during this pandemic.

We have however introduced a strict policy to protect our staff and community. This is a new situation for all of us so we would appreciate your understanding as we try to make this work safely and effectively for you.

We will continue to see pets in need of urgent care but routine, elective treatments or surgeries such as Vaccination, general health checks, speys and neuters will have to be delayed. 

From now on everyone who visits will need to stay in their vehicle for the duration of their visit. A staff member in protective equipment will come to you. Feel free to announce your arrival by calling reception. Phones will be important.

Please have your pet on a rear car seat within a cage or on a lead, if a dog, so a nurse can collect your pet with good social distancing. 
The vet will discuss your pet by phone or video chat before and after examination.

If you are unwell or have travelled in the last 14 days please self isolate and send someone else with your pet observing good social distancing. Please let us know if a pet has been in contact with an infected or self isolating person.

Lets work together over this challenging time and keep pets and people safe and well.

Best wishes

The East Coast Bays Vet Team