April 2019 News

April 2019 News

Dog Friendly outdoor upgrade

Recent visitors will have noticed our latest improvements to the exterior of the Clinic. As part of this upgrade we have added two more carparks to make visiting us as easy as possible.

The main event is a unique and secure dog friendly area that clients are welcome to use. It will have a number of uses for our canine patients. It will be like an outdoor consultation room for assessing lameness in a safe environment or for treating some anxious dogs. We will soon have some furniture so owners can hang out with their dogs if they wish to wait outside for a consultation or test result. In the summer, puppy school may venture outdoors and it will also provide a safe flat area for our hospital patients to get some safe outdoor time with the nurses.

Cat friendly practice accreditation

With our dog friendly area we couldn't have cats missing out. It can be stressful bringing your cat to the clinic so we have been working to make this the best experience it can be.

With our recent facility upgrade we have been able to meet the standards for gold accreditation from the International Society of Feline Medicine.

As part of a less stressful visit we now have a specific area in reception that is screened off from dogs and has a relaxing feline pheromone diffuser operating. Pheromone treated blankets are also available to cover your cats cage. In the clinic, cats are housed separately from dogs in their own ward with special relaxing music playing and another pheromone diffuser.

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Critical care cage

With our own endless medical oxygen supply pumped around the clinic our critical care cage is now up and running. This cage can be warmed, humidified and pumped full of oxygen to help patients with breathing or heart problems. It will be much easier to stabilise these patients over longer periods of time now.