We feel that pet ownership is very much part of the lifestyle of the beautiful East Coast Bays region and we are proud to have been a part of that for more than thirty years.

We offer a welcoming and friendly atmosphere along with a comprehensive range of medical and surgical services. We believe that working in the Pet Health Industry is the best possible career and our dedicated and skilled team are constantly working to improve our standards of care.

East Coast Bays Veterinary Clinic was one of the first Clinics to provide a Veterinary service on the North Shore. Dr Steve Gordon, the Practice owner, has been a part of the Practice since 1990. Many positive advances have occurred in Veterinary medicine over this time and East Coast Bays Vet Clinic has stayed at the cutting edge and evolved with them.

We have an amazing team of talented Veterinarians and trained Nurses that all provide a great range of skills and interests for our clients. You will often also be greeted by our very relaxed Clinic cat "Mr Crymble"  when you visit.

Our pet hospital is modern and roomy with air conditioning throughout for client and pet comfort as well as being conveniently located with easy access and parking.

A significant building project has recently been completed bringing our facility up to a very high standard. We have separate hospital wards for cats and dogs as well as an isolation ward for infectious cases. We have two surgeries now with a high end surgery filled with gadgets and hepa filtered air for added sterility. If we are not focussed on critical patient care one our nurses would be pleased to give you a tour.

Best Practice Accreditation

Best Practice 1

"Best Practice" is a New Zealand Veterinary Association initiative to encourage excellence in Veterinary Medicine.

East Coast Bays Vet Clinic is the first Clinic on the North Shore to achieve this standard and provides further assurance that you are trusting your pet to safe care.

The accreditation involves submitting ourselves to a stringent and comprehensive scrutiny of the facility, staff and operational standards every two years by an independent auditor. 

Being a voluntary set of standards it is a clear indication that our team is professional, organised and motivated to provide excellence of care for your pet.

Our sister clinic Whangaparaoa Vet Centre is also Best Practice Accredited and the first in the Hibiscus Coast area.

Cat Friendly Clinic Accreditation

East Coast Bays Vet Clinic is a gold accreditated Cat Friendly Clinic

Cats are rather unique and as we know rather special little animals. A one size fits all Vet Clinic where cats and dogs are treated the same does not work out too well for most cats. As our understanding of their needs has increased the International Society of Feline Medicine has created a formal accreditation process. This recognises those clinics around the world making a greater level of care available for our feline friends.

Fear Free Professional Certification

 The Fear Free Program is intended to help Veterinary staff create an environment that is both welcoming and as stress free as possible. With many pets having fear, anxiety and stress, making a visit to the Vet Clinic can sometimes be problematic for both the pets and owners as well as the Veterinary team.

By actively recognising and adressing this we can make your pets' health care experience even better. We are the first clinic in Auckland to have Fear Free certified professionals on our team.

Vision, Mission and Values


Dedicated to your pets health and happiness


East Coast Bays Veterinary Clinic works to be the most trusted and respected provider of Veterinary services in our community based on a foundation of integrity, team work and leading quality care.


Our mission is to partner with pet owners to ensure their pets are healthy and happy so they can continue to enrich their owners lives as long as possible. We will achieve this by providing leading quality care and exceptional service.

We wish visits to our clinic to be a positive experience for pets and owners so clients look forward to a future visit with our team.

We aim for a happy, progressive and productive working environment that is both a stimulating and enjoyable life experience for the team we work with.



We will always act in the best interest of our patients and their families.

We will provide open and honest communication with our clients. Trust is the foundation of our clinics service.

Care and compassion

We care about the comfort and well being of our patients, their families and our team. Compassionate humane treatment is our commitment to each other and our pet owners.

We are dedicated and passionate about our work because we understand the value pets have in our clients lives and our own.

Commitment to excellence

We strive to be leaders in small animal practice with the ability to offer more advanced health care options for our patients.

We will strive to exceed client expectations

We will continually move forward with investments in our teams education and new technology.

Community values

We have been part of the East Coast Bays pet loving world for over thirty years and very much value the community we live and work in.

We have a long history of contributing to various welfare groups that assist with the management of unowned pets particularly stray and feral cats in our region.

Our latest project is called " Homeless Hounds " and is our practical way of helping those dogs that are mistreated or abandandoned in our community. We are working with Hurrah, The Dog Protection Society and the Animal Shelter to help them help more dogs. We are regularly providing a completely free desexing operation, check over and any due vaccinations to ideal candidates selected by these groups.

We will post these dogs on our Facebook page when a loving home is still required so please share with friends.

Some of the lucky Hounds that are now destined for wonderful lives can be seen in our gallery 

Just a huge thank you to Steve and the girls for all the wonderful work you have done for Forgotten Felines over the last 20 years - many, many thanks Sylvia "

Loyalty rewards

Loyalty rewards made simple!

No joining fee, no annoying vouchers and no cards to remember. We will join you up automatically and remind you when you can take a reward off your account.

Simply a reward for choosing the North Shores favourite Veterinary service.

We embrace technology

Hiding behind our welcoming, homely exterior we are like a "Tardis" bristling with technology and advancements in pet health care.

Equipment  We have a large array of equipment some of which is a first for New Zealand such as the safe Hotdog patient warming devices, Force Triad vessel sealing equipment, VGel airway devices for rabbits, microdose in house gas sterilisation and IDEXX catalyst in house laboratory. We are also early adopters of Digital xrays including dental, Digital ultrasound, Videoendoscopy, capnography and more.

Information technology  We have a digital hospital whiteboard, ipad anaesthetic monitoring sheets and hospital patient charts, Cloud based patient software and back up, Digital imaging and PACs server for image viewing and backup, Client APP and in house APPs, In house laboratory integration with patient software with cloud based services and bluetooth patient monitoring devices. 

Services  Advanced services include minimally invasive surgery such as laparoscopic dog speys, splenic removal with vessel sealing technology, digital diagnostic imaging, TTA cruciate ligament surgery and more

Whangaparaoa Veterinary Centre

Dr Steve Gordon also has ownership in Whangaparoa Vet Centre. Steve's energy and focus on providing the highest standards of care in a friendly caring environment is clearly evident here too.

We also have an awesome talented and caring team led by Dr Emma Gerber, Dr Shanti Scott and Dr Monique Veen. There are six fully trained nurses to ensure your pet is always attended to and pampered.

Whangaparaoa Vet Centre has also been serving its local community for over thirty years and is open seven days.

We have replaced and upgraded every piece of equipment and progress continues with new equipment being added like our ultrasound machine and the same high end IDEXX laboratory that we have at East Coast Bays Vet Clinic. We also have digital radiology now and new isolation ward.

We are also proudly Best Practice Accredited which provides another layer of professionalism and certainty that your pets are in safe hands.

Dr Steve often visits to support the team and perform some advanced surgical procedures. The team also has the full support of the large East Coast Bays Vet team and resources. A referral to East Coast Bays Vet to access some of our more advanced procedures like endoscopy, orthopaedics and ultrasound, if needed, broadens what can be offered in the Hibiscus Coast region at general practice level.

The Clinic is open seven days and til 7pm weekdays as well as offering a cattery and puppy school. It is located opposite the Plaza and next to the police station on the corner of Whangaparaoa Rd and Stanmore Bay Rd. Phone 094247752 

It would be a wonderful compliment if you were to recommend family or friends that live in the area to register with our sister clinic.

Visit at  www.wvet.co.nz