Saving one lovable pooch at a time

The extraordinary number of healthy young dogs that are ending up at Dog Pounds around Auckland and having to be euthanased is the sad side of pet ownership.

What are we doing?

East Coast Bays Vet Clinic has commited to doing something practical to help.

We will be regularly taking one of these unlucky poches off death row.
We will provide their desexing surgery and any due vaccinations at our own cost.

We will be working with Vicky Turner, team leader of the Silverdale Animal Shelter, who will personally select our family friendly, lovable candidates .

What can you do?

If you would like to give a dog in need a loving home or know someone who can then please let Vicky know at Silverdale Animal Shelter (09 421 0222). To make this project as practical as possible long term Vicky will organise a home and care for the dogs until they go to their forever home.


Check in to our gallery images to see the growing group of Pound Pooch Project survivors that have headed off to a new life with a loving family. Link